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Delivery time and delivery terms

1. When placing an order, the customer can choose whether the recipient will pick up the product himself or whether the product will be delivered to the recipient’s address by courier service.
2. The goods will be delivered to the delivery address specified in the order at the time specified in the order or as agreed with the Recipient.
3. If the Client wishes to deliver the order on the same day, the order must be placed before 18:00.
4. The customer is obliged to place the order with at least 2 hours notice in order to ensure timely execution of the same order.
5. Due to the heavy workload, special terms apply to holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, September 1st, Father’s Day, Christmas. On these days, we will ensure delivery of the shipment within a calendar day or inform you of any order fulfillment on our website.
6. Products of the houseplant category may have longer delivery times, information on delivery times is included with the product.
7. Artishok will deliver the goods by courier between 10am and 6pm. At other times, delivery is by mutual agreement.
8. If the recipient is not present, the courier may leave the flowers with a trusted third party (eg neighbor, receptionist, concierge, co-worker, etc.). If the recipient of the flowers refuses to accept the flowers without reason, the invoice must be paid in full.
9. Information fields will be opened at the checkout according to the selected date and time and the method of delivery. Courier service within 3 hours from € 6.50 (FREE shipping on orders over 39 €), within 15 hours from Tallinn city center within 3 hours from € 12.50. Fill in all the required fields, this is the only way we can deliver the order to the correct address.