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🌿What is a multiple order?
A solution: to place an order only once and receive fresh flowers or bouquets the whole month, weekly!
A vase and weekly delivery are for free!

🌿What I can choose from?
You can choose between cut flowers and bouquets. We always make sure to give you the most stylish seasonal flowers.
Size options: M, L, XL

🌿What’s the price for 1 bouquet?
The price depends on the size: 30/ 55/ 95 eur.

🌿How do I order?
It’s very simple! Just fill in all the required fields. You will see the confirmation message on top of the page, once we have received the order. Your order is valid once you pay the invoice.

In the notes: Please tell us what flowers you like and which ones you don’t.

🌿How do I receive it?
We will deliver your flowers to your haome or office on the weekday and in the timegap (morning, afternoon, evening) of your choise.
Delivery is FREE.

BONUS: you will receive a vase and flower food to put into your flowers water.

SUPER CONVINIENT: Write us your wishes only once and enjoy your flowers for the whole month.
Simplifies the communication!

FANTASTIC GIFT IDEA: Very special way to surprise your dearest not once but four times during the month!
Extend their happiness for the whole month!✨

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