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Tips to extend your bouquet vase life

Who wouldn’t love to see their gorgeous freshly brought bouquet lush the longest possible? Here you will find the best tips by Artishok flower shop team to give your cut flowers and bouquets the maximum vase life. 

A suitable place

Each of Artishok bouquets is designed to be stylish and different and so the place for your fresh beauty should be. Carefully chosen place will give you a very big advantage to extend your flowers’ vase life. Make sure to find some cool and well aerated space away from the direct sunlight. 

Cutting stems

When the bouquet has arrived the first thing is to refresh the stems. Stems should be cut with a very sharp knife diagonally at least for an inch (cut the flowers with a water-soaked blade so that air won’t clog the capillaries.) Put your flowers in the water immediately after cutting! If they stay longer without water covering fresh cuts they will close themselves within a minute. Don’t use scissors for cutting, they might damage the capillaries. You want to repeat the cutting each 2-3 days and change the water with the same frequency.

Keep the water clean

Another important detail is to keep the water clean from the flower leafs. The leaves are excreting the fenol and cause the flow of the water via capillaries and therefore shorten the flower life. Snip all the excessive leaves from the stem so that none is touching the water. Rough, calcareous water is damaging the flowers. If you live in the area where water is rough add some of the water softening mixes or the simple lemon acid.

Water temperature and amount 

Each flower has its own preferences regarding water temperature. Let’s find out what’s the difference.

Flowers and plants with woody stems

If you have noticed a hydrangea, a lilac or a rose in the composition fill the vase up to two thirds. Moreover, since the stems of these flowers are very strong the temperature of the water has to be hot to touch 50 – 60°C. A quick tip, if you have chosen a lush flower removing the excessive leaves will extend their life span remarkably.

Flowers with soft stems

For instance, most of the spring flowers have light green soft stems. Take a tulip, a lily or a lupin. To keep them fresh and good looking you need to give them half a vase of cool water. You also might want to be a bit more careful while maintaining soft-stemmed flowers as they are easier to damage.

Most of the famous Artishok flower shop bouquets include different types of flowers. So the most important is just to change the water frequently, pick off the unneeded leaves and to keep the water level always half a vase full. No-brainer really!

Choosing the vase 

Vase acts as an accessory to your flowers. It has to support them with a similar shape and vibe. If you have chosen the round shaped bouquet then a shape of the vessel has to be the same — ball shaped or rounded towards the end.

Whereas tall flower arrangements need a tall cylindrical shape to support the long stems. Artishok recommends picking neutral glass vases that would suit and match different styles of your bouquets. 

Looking after your flowers might not only extend their life span but also offers you a way to take some time for yourself and nature.