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What plants shoud I choose

Stylish plants are the best way to refresh your interior

Pot plants in contemporary house

Last years indoor plants have been gaining more and more popularity and raising our attention. They are definitely very eye-catching home companions and always there to cheer you up just by mere looking at them.

The reason is rather simple, our eyes enjoy the calming green of nature, like your personal tiny forest. Plants are our little helpers when it comes to soothing and slowing down the pace of our urbanised lifestyles, plus they add that fresh lushy vibe to our everyday context.

Another reason why plants are gaining their popularity in our households is the current situation in the world, where quite many of us have switched and still are working from the home-office. There is no better way to relieve your work-related stress than getting a couple of calming and vital plants. The social-media has played its role adding that green and lushy buzz that can’t be missed by all the hipster and fashion interested croud neither.

So which plant works best for me?

We know, guys, that in Tallinn a lot of you have very busy schedules and many errands to run, so here is our quick guide to our favourites. Who knows maybe you’ll find yours from here. Artishok flower atelier caters you both from timeless classics to the most extravagant contemporary trends:

  • Olive tree – an elegant and very stylish plant 
  • People’s favourite – Monstera, that has been THE number one choice of many houses for its verdant look
  • Stunning Barrel cacti – for those of you who look for the classy and classical choice
  • Ficus Bonsai – known for its air and energy cleansing effects

Tips to find the best spot for your plant:

Larger plants suit nicely to some well aerated and spacy place. Make sure there is enough space to move around them. Often larger plants are placed onto some nice-looking plant base that mounts it to our eye-level and adds a decorative effect as well.

If you on the contrary have many smaller pots – for example different types of succulents or smaller cacti – the best way to organise them is to assemble them together into the small groups and pick a shelf of again a plant base. This way your plants will form a united entity and stand out as one.

Come and have a look at freshly restocked selection on plants in Artishok. In addition, you’re gonna find a very stylish range of handmade ceramics from the Netherlands for your potted plants and cut flowers.